Welcome to the Summer Schedule of Workshops from ‘content’

It is my belief that the feeling of contentment comes from the contents of our minds, contents of our social circle, contents of our family, contents of our day, contents of our gut, contents of our social media influences. This is the inspiration for the series of ‘content’ workshops – I hope you find these workshops of interest to you.

There are a range of workshops. All of these workshops follow the same format and are designed for those with an interest in personal development and freedom. New workshops are launching soon, for further details please email christine@contentworkshop.ie

Each workshop

 is self-guided
 will take approximately 10-15 minutes per day with additional time for journalling /homework
 takes the format of a downloadable pdf email delivered to your inbox every morning
 includes inspirations, psychoeducation, therapeutic insight, and everyday examples
 includes an offering / take home to help deepen the learning
 contains homework to personalise your learning
 gives you access to me, a qualified counselling psychotherapist who will act as your self-help coach – supporting you throughout the course
 contains an optional biblio-therapy add-on geared towards the theme of the workshop

2-week workshop: €70


Each subscriber to content workshops will be automatically signed up to the ‘content’ community
following their workshop – thereby receiving a daily contentment offering – a positivity focus to start
your day.