content workshops

It is my belief that the feeling of contentment comes from our content – that is the contents of our minds, the contents of the environment around us, the contents of our daily routine, the contents of our influences, the contents of our gut and the contents of our soul. All of these workshops follow the same format and are designed for those with an interest in personal development and freedom.

each workshop

  • is self-guided
  • will take approximately 10-15 minutes per day with additional time for journalling /homework
  • takes the format of a mobile friendly email delivered to your inbox every morning
  • includes inspirations, psychoeducation, therapeutic insight, and everyday examples
  • includes an offering / take home to help deepen the learning
  • gives you access to me, a qualified counselling psychotherapist who will act as your self-help coach – supporting you throughout the course
  • contains an optional biblio-therapy add-on geared towards the theme of the workshop
  • Content Workshop offers three workshops – Basic Content, Self Content and Extra Content.

Click on the links below to find which workshop is best suited to you.

basic content

Do you feel overwhelmed? That you have lost direction? That you feel that you want to go back to basics but are unsure where or how to start? Then this is the workshop for you. In this workshop we focus on the foundations of your wellbeing. How can we expect to feel well, feel ourselves, when our foundations have not been cared for? Let’s go back to basics here by focusing on the key ingredients for a balanced and healthy life and mindset.
2-week workshop: €70
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self content

Do you feel you are taking care of yourself, that you have the basics in place but still don’t really feel content in yourself? We talk a lot today about self-care but what really is self-care and what does it look like for you? This workshop is focused on self-love and will help you to get back in touch with caring for yourself. You will learn how to build a care plan for you for every day, not just the tough
days, and in doing so have contentment back in your life.
2-week workshop: €70
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extra content

Do you want to know more about what happens in the therapy room? Do you have an interest in psychoeducation and learning more about how our mind, body and soul interact to affect our feeling of contentment? This workshop offers an insight into the most prevalent therapeutic models of PCT, CBT, Choice Theory and ACT. A wonderful workshop for any self-help lovers and those with a keen interest in challenging negative thought and behaviours in their lives.
2-week workshop: €70
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daily content

Each subscriber to Content Workshops will be automatically signed up to the ‘content’ community following their workshop – thereby receiving a daily contentment offering – a positivity focus to start your day.