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Are you ready to feel your best self, to reset your emotional wellbeing by starting with the
cornerstones of a healthy mind, body, and heart?
Your new healthy life starts here
In this 10-day course, Christine guides you through the foundations of wellbeing (sleep, nutrition,
movement, stillness). Follow what Christine teaches and you will learn to slow down, refocus on
your health, and feel revived from within.

This course covers:

  • an invitation to return to you
  •  the 8 foundations of wellbeing
  • an introduction to journalling and guidance on how to best use this amazing wellbeing tool
  • daily rituals and their importance for maintaining wellbeing
  • daily homework to personalise your learning
  • sleep and how to improve your sleep hygiene
  • nutrition – because you are what you eat!
  • exercise – start where you are and let’s work on moving more
  • balance – a contented mind is inextricably linked to a balanced life
  • stillness – how to incorporate stillness into your daily life
  • joy – how to rediscover joy in your life
  • daily rituals and their importance for maintaining a contented wellbeing

This is the course for you if:

  • you want to have a more balanced lifestyle
  • you would like to slow down
  • you crave simplicity
  • you know you want to make fundamental changes, but you are unsure where to start

How Content Workshops work:

After signing up you will receive a welcome email. From here, your workshop will begin with a daily email filled with wellbeing education, therapeutic insights, and journal offerings. These are self-guided workshops with access to Christine Doyle, a qualified registered counselling psychotherapist
as your self-help guide throughout the workshop.

Meet your guide:

Hi! My name is Christine Doyle and I am a qualified and registered counselling psychotherapist with a successful counselling practice in Wexford town. I work using compassion focused cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with a focus on the connection between the mind, body, and heart. I work with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and addiction daily. In my work I encourage clients to look at their daily lives, in the knowledge that when we put more value on what each of us can do every day
to keep on our path to contentment, to protect our emotional well-being, to show kindness and appreciation to ourselves first and foremost and in doing so best equip us to reflect this on to those around us, we can best armour ourselves against mental ill-health.

Put a different way, my aim for us all is that every day we decide to look after our mental health. This formed the inspiration for Content Workshops – a series of workshops in personal development and freedom.

What others have said:

“The workshop was amazing for me, had a big impact on my day to day.”
“Some of the topics when I was reading, I thought that you wrote that for me, like you were asking my attention for something that I forgot to take care of.”

Sign up today to begin your journey towards a healthier, more balanced and more content mind, body, and heart.

Sign me up!

* If you are unsure which workshop would work best for you please feel free to email me, tell me a bit about yourself and your expectations and I will guide you to your workshop


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