How is it with some thoughts in your head it takes someone else to give permission to let go and forgive yourself. Thank you – you created an authentic space with openness and humour.

I found that following along with a daily workshop idea really created a momentum that kept me focused. Allowing myself to think back in kindness towards myself the process became clearer.

Thank you Christine! – It was an incredible workshop. I really enjoyed every minute/word of it, I’ll miss the morning offerings and messages of positivity

This is something I have needed to do for a long time and I feel like being able to do it at my pace and in a place where I am comfortable was exactly what I needed.

I loved every aspect about the workshop. I loved that I received an email each morning as even when I wasn’t feeling the greatest I knew an email would still come and offer reassurance – it was exactly what I needed

It was wonderful to be able to do the workshop on line. Content was excellent – so much to think about – I will miss the 8 o’clock email each morning – Well done Christine and thank you…

I liked that it gave me time to focus on myself. It was very clear and simple. I enjoyed taking the time out just for me. To strip back and really think about what is important in my life.

I loved the course, the insight into the different therapies and realising that a lot of my thoughts are not uncommon.

I loved every single day. You are amazing and I am so thankful for this opportunity. Please keep doing workshops and helping people with their struggles! Thank you again!

It has been a very thought provoking course and helped me to make some decisions in my life. Thank you so much Christine.