.. because amazing things happen when we come together

One of the many things that struck me during the first ‘content’ workshop was that I alone was benefitting from the community of being with like minded people. This brought my mind to the number of people who come to my clinic feeling a sense of loneliness. Loneliness is the biggest global pandemic bar none and long after COVID is a thing of the past, loneliness and its impact on society will remain. This inspired me to create a community aspect to ‘content’.

If you would like to be a part of this community, please message me at community@contentworkshop.ie . In doing so, you will become a part of a group of like-minded people. You can remain anonymous if you like by choosing your own username or arrive as yourself by using your name.

The benefits of the ‘content’ community:
– A free daily ‘content’ inspiration direct to your inbox for 1 year
– ‘Bibliotherapy’ – a self-help book will be recommended at the start of each month to complement the workshops. This is an offering, only to those who are interested. The book will be reviewed at the end of each month on @thecontentedpath instagram page to have your impressions of the book included in the review, please send in your comments to community@contentworkshop.ie
– Meet up – there will be an invitation to meet-up, a place to connect with like minded people, at the end of each month. This will be a chance to have a cuppa, have a chat, build connections and become a part of the ‘content’ community. A wellness expert will be in attendance to chat about and offer guidance on introducing other aspects of ‘content’ into their lives. I really can not wait until that day – to gather with you and be as one!
– Join the conversation on Instagram @thecontentedpath